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Welcome to the War Machine web page.

War Machine is an established scenario paintball team based out of south central PA. Currently we have 23 members, but we hold tryouts every few months. Originally, our team came together as group of work friends, but quickly grew to include other friends and people met during game play. In the span of a few short months, we went from 6 or 7 guys, to a full on team.

Our home field is at Linglestown paintball, located in the Harrisburg area. We attend large scenario events at Skirmish paintball in Jim Thorpe PA, as well as other large events as they come up.

Practice is held twice a month. Attending one practice a month is mandatory for team members as well as two large scenario events per year. The largest game we attend is Invasion of Normandy. That game is held at Skirmish each year in july where as many as 4500 people attend for 3 days of game play. When at skirmish, we are attached to the German side for all scenario events (Invasion of normandy, Battle of Stalingrad, Battle for Berlin).

We contribute to a team fund at the cost of $5.00 a month per person. The funds go towards uniform items such as t-shirts, patches, hats and jerseys as well as food items for the multiple game days when we camp on site.

Currently we are working on a custom built field at Linglestown Paintball which is sure to beat anything at any other paintball facility. We will have another paintball team as well as an airsoft team helping with the work to ensure something different and designed with the player in mind.

Feel free to browse our pictures, video and bio sections to see what we're about. Know that we are a vet friendly group that has participated in events as staff and players that benefit the Wounded Warrior Project. We also have team members which are veterans or are active in the Reserves or National Guard. If you would like to join, just click the link and we will have someone contact you with information. Also, feel free to show up at one of our practices to see us in action, or play against us. We would enjoy interacting with anyone who has a love of the game.

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